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You’ve heard the old proverb, “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Many of our programs at Interfaith Housing Services supply fish. People are in need so we give them fish or whatever it is they need in order to help them survive or advance.

However, the CASH program teaches people how to fish. It provides the education and support along with the compassion and understanding that empowers people to catch fish in the most effective and efficient way.

CASH empowers individuals and families to develop and maintain solid financial foundations by helping them save for the purchase of a high-return asset. This asset could include buying a home for the first time, making repairs to the home you currently own, continuing education through college or technical training, and finally, starting a small business.

Participants learn to overcome obstacles and master savings in a convenient online class that fits any schedule. Upon completion of the class, clients are eligible to open a savings account and receive a 2:1 match for every dollar they save.

Qualifying households save for a minimum of six months towards the purchase of a first home, making repairs on their current home, furthering their education or capitalizing a small business. 

The program helps participants:

  • Gain knowledge and tools for managing finances
  • Turn reckless spending habits into responsible savings behavior
  • Participate in life skills workshops
  • Receive 2:1 matched savings
  • Purchase a high-return asset
  • Become financially self-sufficient

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For More Information Please Contact:
Rose Smyres at 620-662-8370 ext. 710